Who are we?

We are traditional Orthodox Christians of the Golden Isles, joined by inquirers and seekers who wish to live the life in Christ in the manner entrusted to the Apostles and practiced in the early Church.   We are joined in prayer and in communion, and as Christ commanded, we are to be servant to all.


Our mission is nothing less than to be what we are: the Church that  Christ founded manifested in a local community on St. Simons Island.  The continuous preservation of the faith from 33 AD to the present day, against persecutions, schism, Ottoman invasion, Godless communism, the compromises of ecumenism, and the current challenges of secularism, relativism and modernism, is the hallmark of the Orthodox Church, which proclaims itself to be the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church.  Our mission is to bring the unvarnished faith, without compromise, to the faithful in the Golden Isles who wish to share in the promise of Christ the we shall be partakers of the Divine Nature.