St. Simon Orthodox Mission is a Old Calendar Orthodox Mission of the Genuine Orthodox Church of Greece – Avlona Synod.  Though our mother church is in Greece, all of our services are in English and our parish serves Orthodox Christians, inquirers and visitors of every ethnic background!


We worship at the Carlyle Wellness Center, 50 Aviator Plaza, Suite 102, on St. Simons Island.  The building is on Demere Road, right across from the airport.

The Genuine Orthodox Church is committed to bringing the Gospel of Christ to all nations while assuring the preservation of the Apostolic Faith.  We are a traditional, liturgical parish, focused on the worship of the triune God: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  As a mission parish, we do not have a full time assigned priest. We meet weekly for the reading of the Typica service and for fellowship after the service.  Our mission is served by clergy from the Avlona Synod USA.  Our Metropolitan is Metropolitan Angelos of Avlona.  His vicar in North America is Bishop Irineos of Illyricum who serves a parish in Texas.